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As the Stadium territory is affected by a high level of unemployment, the Club is initiating several projects related to employment and entrepreneurship. More globally, a wider structure will be launched in September 2016, which we call the “City of Social Innovation”, that will encompass several themes: employment, social and participative entrepreneurship and professionalisation of the associational network.
Summary: Olympique Lyonnais has decided to take advantage of the new “Parc OL” opportunity to facilitate the access to employment for particularly exposed people during the construction of the stadium. A convention was signed with local public and private actors with an initial objective of 5% of the worked hours spent reserved to a specific public, meaning that the club and its partners had to hire at least 5% of people needing a professional integration (young people, older ones, people without diplomas, or that suffer a long unemployment situation). All in all, nearly 17% of the total amount of hours spent on the building have been dedicated to this public, four times as much as the original aim. Up to 1’200 persons worked on the construction site at the same time. Priority is also given to employment in the exploitation phase of the Stadium: the club contacted a state agency in charge of the questions of employment, to establish an agreement to ensure that people needing a professional integration will also be part of the exploitation phase. All partners that work on the exploitation of the “Parc OL” (safety, security, cleaning, concierge service) have to respect the rules that were imposed by the club. Nearly 800 permanent posts and 1’200 more for special events such as football matches and concerts are necessary to operate the Stadium. Building on successful experiences during the construction and exploitations phases, Olympique Lyonnais is willing to implement a wider and multi-stakeholder project that will begin in September 2016, focusing on employment, social and participative entrepreneurship, associations, and many other subjects in the mid-to long-term.
Main Objectives:

  • To contribute to the economic and social development of our territory by federating and mobilising suppliers, service providers and sponsors of the club with the aim to become a reference on the thematic of employment
  • Gather Olympique Lyonnais partners around our commitments
  • To address our community of fans interests and issues through a place dedicated to employment, skills and associations

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Olympique Lyonnais has recently moved into its new “Parc Olympique Lyonnais”, located in Lyon Eastern Area. The Club has therefore decided to take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to local economic development in collaboration with OL Business partners on a short-, mid- and long-term basis.