Sport4Refugees: events

RESPONSIBALL is not all about rankings and percentage points. For the last two years we have been running a project called Sport4Refugees. It’s a social project with the aim of integrating refugees in Switzerland into local sports clubs. Clubs or sports organizations who are willing to welcome refugees can register themselves on our platform. At the same time refugees who want to participate in organized sports can also register their interest. S4R then matches as many refugees as possible supporting the integration efforts in the country.

To promote the platform and get more organizations to register, S4R organized two events in Zurich in Bern in the final quarter of the year.

Together with Caritas, WWF and BSC Young Boys we managed to get more than 30 organizations to join. We are now in the process of registering them and growing our offerings for refugees.

If you want to know more about Sport4refugees, please visit our website.