Racist incident at Swiss Super League game FC St. Gallen and FC Sion

It was an emotional game. St.Gallen was leading 1:0 in extra-time until Sion scored the equalizer. The dramatic game wasn't the only reason why it got emotional: During the game on August 21st 2021, a racist incident took place between St. Gallen fans and the FC Sion goalkeeper Timothy Fayulu. After the game, he clashed with St.Gallen defender Nicolas Lüchinger for making provocative gestures towards the St.Gallen fans. Then it escalated: fans used racist slurs towards the goalkeeper Fayulu.

Fayulu was hit hard by the incident. He said he was not feeling well and felt "like he had been shot." FC St.Gallen mentioned in a statement that people of different origins, cultures, religions, and skin colors live and work together in St.Gallen with the utmost respect. The statement also says: "We do not allow our own values to be trampled. Unfortunately, this message is not understood everywhere."

The Swiss Super League launched an investigation into the incident, which was closed in November. There will be no consequences for the FC St.Gallen.

In the future RESPONSIBALL will monitor such incidents carefully!

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