Football Clubs are more than just sports clubs; they are cultural institutions.



... has been publishing an annual ranking on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of football clubs since 2011.

As a non-profit association, RESPONSIBALL supports concrete initiatives in the field of sustainability in sport, collects good practice examples and power-science-based statements on violations of fair play and responsible business.

RESPONSIBALL thus contributes to the positive impact of sport, especially for the integration of refugees and migrants.

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What do we do?

RESPONSIBALL supports a community of practitioners who want to connect with others that share similar passions, interests, and jobs. All of whom understand or want to learn more about how football clubs can work in harmony with their communities and the environment.

RESPONSIBALL collects good practices of projects from clubs and associations related to environmental sustainability, community impacts and good governance. It is a pool of ideas for clubs that want to get involved and improve. Share with us your good practice examples.

RESPONSIBALL allows practitioners to compare club practices with others, ultimately encouraging them to progress along their own path towards a more socially responsible future. It measures, evaluates, and promotes sports clubs in terms of environmental sustainability and social behavior.


SPORT4REFUGEES is an international initiative launched at the RESPONSIBALL Forum in 2018 to supports sports clubs and associations in their efforts to welcome people with a migration background and to integrate them into sports. The programme offers a wide range of learning materials, practical guidance, good practice examples, club coaching, and direct support of players with special attention to attract female players.

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You are in to football and understand the social value and potential that it holds?

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Join us

As a Supporter

Demand sustainable practices for your favorite club and become a member of the RESPONSIBALL.

As a member of the association you support our work to collect good practice and to flag unethical and irresponsible behaviour. You can benefit from different incentives, receive special insights and can win tickets.

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As a club

Audit the sustainability performance of your club and get recommendations for improvement.

Conduct an independent sustainability audit of your club. Apart from practical recommendations you can get a certificate confirming your level of sustainability.

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As an Association

Implement and enforce sustainable practice within your association and clubs and support the independent monitoring of the sustainability performance or your leagues.

Share with us good practice and support the independent ESG research of the major football clubs in your country.

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