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Action for Health is a partnership of professional and community agencies led  by LFC. Its goal is to offer opportunities that motivate, encourage and signpost individuals to local events and services; to link the various agencies and to improve health in Liverpool. The programmes are designed for all age groups and are independently monitored by the University of Liverpool as well as the funding agencies. Touch-screen kiosks are sited in community centres with accessible health information. In a six-month period in 2009-2010, the four kiosks were accessed 48,965 times. The fact that programmes carry the LFC badge increases reach and attendance – even for people who do not have contact with the National Health Service.


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The Action for Health Programme is a long-term project aimed at improving health awareness in North Liverpool. It was initially funded by Liverpool City Council using European Social Fund monies to deliver a range of community projects including health courses for young women, tackling obesity in children, offering health checks for adults and events focussing on health issues for the over-55s. Programmes have expanded to include a Men’s Health Programme.