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AaB donates 1 Danish Krone (DKK) per spectator at home league matches to a local charity. The donation is given out every six months to a new charity. This means that a selected recipient of the helping hand will receive an amount per spectator from seven to nine home matches (half a season). Applicants must be regionally based, non-political and non-commercial. Among all applications, three are chosen by a panel for a fan-vote, with fans deciding the winner. The project was initialised in February 2015 with more than 30 charities and organisations applying for Northern Jutland’s Helping Hand. A recipient is always announced prior to the first or second half of the season commencing and for each home match played, we focus on constantly informing stakeholders about the size of the donation as it increases for each home match. Alongside this, we use our own media platforms to focus on the current charity/recipient to create awareness for them. This includes giving the charity the possibility to hand out flyers to spectators at a specific home match, to speak to our VIP sponsors about the charity, as well as profiling the currently supported charity on our media channels. Also, we try to focus on the charities when they use the donations they are given, to show our spectators specifically what the outcome of their support has been. So far two charities have received Northern Jutland’s Helping Hand, and they have both come back to us afterwards, and told us that it has greatly helped them profile themselves and get their story out to a new segment of people that would otherwise not have heard of or supported them. We also provide support and assistance to the charities during the half-year period when they are active recipients, helping them make the most of the opportunity they have to connect with our fans and followers, and to spread the message about their specific charity. Key success factors for us have been to help the charities reach a new audience, to make them more known to the general public, but also to create an awareness about the fact that we, as a club, are about more than just football. The project is intended to be always ongoing, hopefully with more wrinkles and add-ons being included along the way.

Main Objectives:

  • To support various regional charities
  • To show that the club cares about the regional community that it is located in
  • To bring awareness to each charity we support, to make them more profiled and able to gain support foremother potential backers as well

Brian Andersen
Head of Press and Communications


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We wanted to take the initiative in terms of supporting our local community and region. We had always received lots of inquiries about financial support for various charities and projects, and therefore decided to make this support more visible and make it open to any charity that wanted to apply with us. Launching Northern Jutland’s Helping Hand ties in perfectly with the club’s strategy being Northern Jutland’s team, and we wanted to show that we are committed to giving something back to and supporting the community that has always supported us.