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Off the Bench is a programme run by and QPR in the Community Trust to help local unemployed get back to work. Working with people aged 35 and over who live in the W12 area and have been unemployed for more than 6 months, the programme delivers a range of skills to help jobseekers back into employment.Experts trained for the Off the Bench programme work with participants to build confidence, skills and job prospects through sport, classroom activities and mentoring. The unique setting of the Loftus Road Stadium and the motivational power of sport, helped to engage learners in the following activities:

·       Where to start – how to search for jobs and find local recruiters

·       How to write CVs and application forms – know your skills and how to sell them

·       Managing your online reputation

·       Verbal and non-verbal skills – it’s not just what you say that counts

·       Confidence and motivation

·       How to shine in an interview

·       How to increase your employability through courses and further learning

On completion of the programme participants have the opportunity for accreditation and work experience, and are invited to attend a graduation ceremony at Loftus Road to celebrate their successes.


The programme and sessions were designed and delivered by a range of experts in the field of recruitment and employment. The involvement of key partners ensured that the programme was relevant to the current job market.

The programme also sought to develop self-confidence, team work and motivation by using a mix of teaching and coaching led by and QPR, but also involving local businesses and recruiters too.


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