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The programme gives the kids a unique chance to develop their educational skills and talent together with the players and coaches from Feyenoord. This modern learning space gives special attention to language and computer skills. The combination of the personal approach of the staff and players (a wow factor for the kids) and the unique place outside the classroom to learn (at different places in the stadium) gives them just the push they need to improve their self-confidence and reach for higher goals. The practical effect coupling the curriculum and the stadium gives children the chance to bump into one of their idols at any minute and provides just the right motivating force.


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SV Gio is a sports club from Feyenoord with Giovanni van Bronckhorst, a former dutch national football player, as the coach, as well as several assistant coaches and technical staff. SV Gio organises campuses for kids from the south of Rotterdam, which is known to be a problem area, where education levels are low.