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From the 8th to the 20th of December 2014 Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises joined the Israeli ambassador initiative to Cameroon, in cooperation with the UNDP, UNHCR and Cameroon Ministry of Sports in a refugee camp at the Gadu village (eastern Cameroon). The Initiative targeted over 3’000 children and focused on implementing a unique Mifalot programme promoting coexistence. The main aim of the programme was to bring together for the first time the local Cameroon community and the CAR refugees play together on the same football field. Considering the great success of the first programme, this was followed by a second initiative. In July 2015 Mifalot and UNDP-Cameroon led an educational programme including a week-long coaching seminar for 47 coaches, recreational activities for kids and youth in Bertoua and a special youth event for the children and coaches. The seminar was held over 5 full days; the mornings included workshops and training sessions on the field for 47 trainers from Bertoua, Yokodouma and Batouri. During the afternoon children and youths arrived to participate in the sessions which were taught by the coaches participating in the seminar. On the last day a special programme was organised by the Mifalot staff and the coaches for the local children and youth; the programme included ten different stations of fun activities with social messages that the kids were asked to perform and promote. At the end of the station cycle, an exhibition of messages for social change were demonstrated in a parade. The seminar ended with a ceremony in which all participants received certificates signed by the organisers. Up to today the coaches continue to implement the programme and use educational tools with over 3’000 youth around Cameroon.

Main Objectives:

  • To use sport as an educational tool strengthening sports values and life skills
  • To reduce post-traumatic stress by creating a safe space to play football and adjust a healthy lifestyle
  • To build social community building

Lior Davidi, International Development Manager 


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There are about 19’000 refugees living in eastern Cameroon today. 12’000 of them are children under the age of 15. These, mostly Muslim, refugees ran away from the vicious civil war raging in Central African Republic (CAR). Mifalot’s first intervention in the programme was to bring together for the first time the local Cameroon community and the CAR refugees to play together on the football field. Following the success of the programme, Mifalot collaborated with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for a larger outreach programme in three cities in Cameroon building a partnership for community development by empowering leaders through sports and football in particular.