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Youth@Work started up in 2011 as a part of the effort to combat youth unemployment in the city of Trondheim. It is an employment scheme hosted by Rosenborg. The thought is to use football and sport as an instrument for labour inclusion. By using a strong brand that is associated with something positive you can build self-confidence and provide opportunities that otherwise could not be obtained. Rosenborg facilitates the project at the Lerkendal Stadium, their HQ. The project runs two programmes twice a year, 12 to 15 youths are invited to participate in the programme, after application. The programme begins with an introduction course that lasts five-six weeks. The content of the course consists of several elements which are intended to prepare the participants for employment. Resources from Rosenborg (players and coaches), from vocational enterprises and employers are giving lectures on various topics. The intention of the course is to prepare the students for the job market, through input and self-reflection. It also includes physical training. After five-six weeks the participants should have a plan for where to go. After the introduction course they will have a work-training period that could last from one month to six-seven months. Work training takes place in regular and mainstream businesses, of which many are partners of Rosenborg.

Main Objectives:

  • To prevent social exclusion and marginalisation
  • To provide opportunities and building self-confidence through the football club
  • To provide work experience and skills for the job market

Trond Alstad, Organisation Director
+47 9308 5740

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The club wants to influence the society and make use of its well-known brand to get youth into work, and out of unemployment. It is important for the club to play a part in social inclusion.