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The KidFun project means to support schools and families in the education of children, while developing their social skills and motivating them to discover and improve the fundamental values of conduct and life in society. These values have a direct influence on the behaviour and posture of children and youth, as they perpetuate models and ensure social balance. This is why the focus on values is a priority within the European educational policy. This project began on May 5th, 2014, and is intended for children attending the 3rd and 4th grade of primary school throughout the country. Up until now, more than 11’000 children have participated in KidFun. KidFun employs active, innovative and highly motivating methodologies, getting the most out of the Benfica brand appeal, in order to enhance its symbolic significance and the promotion of values on children. Sport assumes an important role in this project, along with its symbols and its current and former prominent athletes, preparing children for a deeper understanding of the values and its implication in their everyday life and toward the success they dream for their future. The project includes a virtual sticker book with games and activities on the topic of values, to be developed by the students with the assistance of teachers and parents during the course of the school year. A KidFun day will be celebrated in every school, with multiple recreational, educational and sports activities taking place in an inflatable Football Stadium. Project activities include a “Fantastic Planet” and a “Horrible Planet” to be built by children, centred on the learning of values. At the end of the school year, all students will be invited to participate in the KidFun Festival, with the purpose of exchanging their experiences about values among each other.

Main Objectives:

  • To prevent, at early stages, discrimination, school dropout, radicalisation and deviant behaviour by raising awareness on the importance of values
  • To reach 10’000 kids throughout the country yearly
  • To reach 65 schools from 12 regions across the country

Jorge Miranda, Director of the Foundation
+351 965 861 567

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Fundação Benfica develops its educational projects taking in consideration the priorities established within the European educational policy. In this context, after the great success of “Para ti Se não faltares!” (For you if you attend), an intervention project run in pockets of poverty that tackles Early School Leaving and failure, there was a need to create a prevention project for kids of the 3rd and 4th grade from all national territory and transversal to all social contexts. These two projects combine very well to reach different targets in our educational system.