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The club’s Psychology and Methodology Department committed to this initiative for the benefit of the Academy players’ education and personal development, with a clear objective in mind: to help members of the different centres in their personal development, by acting with a customised social manner adapted to their special needs and difficulties and sharing their experiences with them. This exchange of values will benefit the growth of all involved. The initiative consists in doing activities together throughout the season, with regular meetings both in the association centres and in the Villarreal CF facilities. The members of the centres are also invited to attend games and cheer on their teams in the Ciudad Deportiva (Villarreal CF Training Ground). So far the project has achieved new standards in terms of the progress of the people that attend these centres and contributed to our community, strengthening the bond with our club. The different teams have learnt a different reality, far away from the football world, witnessing the challenges that people with different disabilities face in their daily life.

Main Objectives:

  • To raise social awareness of the challenges disabled people face
  • To aid our partner centres and their people, contributing with a different approach
  • To contribute to the education and personal development of our players

Tino Traver, Institutional Relations
+34 964 500 250


Best Practices from ECA Member Clubs


Throughout this project all the teams and players of Villarreal’s Academy are involved in a special act of solidarity, which is the first of its kind in Spain. This initiative consists in the continuous collaboration of each Academy team with a special centre (for disabled people) located in the Castellón province, that they will be sponsoring throughout the season. This long-term collaboration helps create special bonds between the players and the people from the centre, contributing to the personal development of everyone involved.