The Mondrian Education

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Unless the participant takes Dutch as a second language, courses are mandatory as part of the city’s social orientation initiative. These are the activities in which people find out more about the city, its people and its customs, and can increase bonds with the city. This particular activity uses football as a “universal binder” to teach participants about a typical leisure pursuit, which occupies an important place in the lives of many Hagenaars. As the only professional football club in the city, the club plays an important role.



ADO Den Haag has received about 450 new Hagenaars (citizens of the Hague) each year since 2005. Each participate in an integration programme called the Mondriaan Education. They arrive in groups of about 75 spread over several games. The participant is received on match days by the Hague council, and visits the South Park Stadium as part of an excursion in the Hague to create new bonds with the city. It forms part of a larger initiative, which highlights typical Dutch habits and customs.