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In 2015, we have organised:

  • 23 training sessions (every two weeks between 30 and 40 participants each training session (m/f))
  • 17 activities (tournaments, dinner after training) between 30 and 40 participants for each activity (m/f)
  • a total of 65 participants
  • age of 6 to 66, both for training and for the activities
  • 2’730 contact hours with the people involved

The ‘homeless season’ starts in September until June. KAA Gent Homeless Blue White plays three national tournaments and does one international activity every year. We have had international exchanges with Southampton FC (ENG) and FC Utrecht (NED).

Main Objectives:

  • To strengthen personal skills of the participants: giving responsibilities to the participants in the project
  • To reinforce social skills of the participants: working on positive group dynamics
  • To give a positive face to a serious urban problem

Wim Beelaert, Community Manager
+32 93 302 333


Belgian Homeless Cup: KAA Gent Homeless Blue White
KAA Gent Foundation


KAA Gent is very much aware of its social responsibility and acts accordingly. KAA Gent Football in the community was founded in 2009. Since 2011, ‘Voetbal in de stad’ is a unique public-private collaboration between KAA Gent, the local authorities and the KAA Gent Supporters Federation. The organisation develops and supports a large number of projects benefitting the society, youth football and solidarity between the club, local residents and supporters. KAA Gent Homeless Blue White offers a framework to work with homeless, refugees and people with addiction problems. They meet weekly and work on the football pitch on social emancipation, respect, diversity and fair play.