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Apollon Limassol FC was founded in 1954 in order to promote the ideals of freedom. Further to the sports side of the club, Apollon Limassol emphasises the promotion of messages with social content. In fact, football is a social phenomenon which attracts all social groups. For the past ten years, Apollon Limassol has been a leading club in Cyprus in social campaigns, especially on anti-racism campaigns. We try doing this by visiting different primary schools in Limassol and in the region twice a month. While visiting the schools, our players speak and play with the students. This shows the children that even though our team consists of football players of different nationalities and different religions, they always behave as one, with no exceptions. In addition to Apollon Limassol’s campaign against the racism, the social work of our team is being enriched every year with other campaigns raising awareness on current social problems. For example, we are visiting hospitals all over Cyprus and especially the paediatric department. Football players and Apollon supporters also make blood donations to help the Blood Bank of Limassol General Hospital. We are also collecting plastic cups to help buying self-help tools for disabled people in cooperation with Rheumatism organisations. Apollon Limassol also promotes campaign against violence and drugs at the stadiums and through banners and other printed material. The key to success in all of the above is the consistency and continuity. This is why we continue with the same steady rhythm since 2006!

Main Objectives:

  • To educate children via school visits about moral values, about the phenomenon of racism and bullying. To show to the children that football and sports bring together different cultures and religions
  • To support people with special abilities and promoting equal rights for them by inviting them to visit the stadium
  • To contribute to social work and the creation of sensitiveness to the public about current problems

Koulla Stavrinidou, Marketing Manager
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In 2000, Apollon Limassol FC spotted some racism problems, which could be seen in both the Cyprus society and in the stadiums between the fans. That is why we decided to face it. Emphasis is given on the prevention, to pass on the right message to the children and the new generation, in order to combat the phenomenon of any form of racism from childhood.