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FC Levadia started with the campaign and activities dedicated to people with assistance dogs in 2015. The Assistance Dogs’ Day has been organised on the 9th of May as the kick-o and highlight of the new campaign. The Assistance Dogs’ Day consisted of two parts. One part was the introduction of assistance dogs to the public and the second part was aimed for children with disabilities. For people who participated, we offered different activities such as different simulations – walking with the eyes closed with a trained guide dog, wheelchair obstacle course, measuring the level of blood sugar and making crafts. Children were also happy to play with puppies. All these activities simulated different disabilities and pointed out the importance of the assistance dogs for people with these disabilities. During the event we talked about the accessibility rights and obligations, what rights people have if using assistance dogs and what rights and obligations the owners of public places have. The second part, where youngsters with disabilities escorted the players of FC Levadia and FC Flora into the football field, like youngsters usually do, was a great opportunity for them. Their parents were proud of their children and the children were very happy and felt like being part of the team, normal and brave. The players of both teams also said that being escorted to the field by children with disabilities and seeing them enjoying the game deeply touched their hearts.

Main Objectives:

  • To encourage people with assistance dogs to come to the matches by providing them an easy access to the football ground together with their assistance dogs
  • To increase the awareness of the community about the needs of people with assistance dogs and to include people with disabilities into the club and community activities
  • To encourage all football clubs and event organisers in Estonia and Europe to think more about people with assistance dogs. To provide them an easy access to the football matches and other events

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In Estonia, according to the law, people with assistance dogs should always have an access to all events. Similar laws are applicable in most EU countries. However, around Europe, an easy access with assistance dog to public places, including football venues, remains a serious problem. Very often, the organisers of sports events are simply not aware about the easy access requirement as pets are normally not allowed to the events. The aim of the campaign is to encourage people with assistance dogs to come to the football matches and events together with their assistance dogs to enjoy the atmosphere at the stadium. The members who are assistance dog users are also invited to enjoy the family day of FC Levadia Tallinn every year.