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“Football against racism” was created in 2010. It is a football tournament for girls and boys as from the age of 12. There are usually about 75 – 100 teams involved in the tournament every year. The teams are from di erent places all over the region of Skåne (the South of Sweden), and the final day takes place at the Swedbank Stadion. Simultaneously, seminars and education for coaches and players under the theme of everyone’s equal value and racism are provided.

Main Objectives:

  • To foster integration
  • To promote good behaviour
  • To improve health

Jan-Olov Kindvall, MFF in Society
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MFF in the community is based on two major pillars: the first is to do well in the community we operate in, the second is that we want to achieve this through Malmö FF’s brand and football as an activity and a joyful game.