Cooperating with a Children’s Charity Organisation

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For the past years our club has cooperated with the local charity organisation “Í menniskjum góður tokki” (In humans we trust). The organisation offers to help families who are struggling financially. The purpose of the organisation is to make sure that the children are not affected by the family’s financial troubles. The organisation therefore helps by providing the necessary funds to facilitate the children’s participation in sports activities, as well as helping with Christmas gifts. Our club has offered the organisation free participation for the children in need, as well as providing free soccer equipment. Hereby the kids can play together with their friends and they are secured to have the same equipment as the others. We believe that it is very important for the kids to be able to participate alongside their friends regardless of their family’s financial situation. Each year after the season ends our main team’s shirts are auctioned off and the profits go directly to the organisation in order to help finance Christmas gifts.

Main Objectives:

  • To help the kids to play football and get equipment
  • To sell club shirts to donate money for Christmas gifts

Andrews Thomsen, General Manager
+298 26 36 36


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The club has always had a strategy to help out in the local environment. It was after a TV show with “Í menniskjum góður tokki” (In humans we trust – ÍMGT) that the cooperation started.