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Borussia Dortmund is providing active help for the refugees: as part of the nationwide programme “Welcome to Football”, the BVB foundation started a new project to help young refugees aged between 16 and 20 to better integrate in society in the next two years. Regular football training takes place under the guidance of experienced coaches of the BVB academy and TSC Eintracht Dortmund together with amateur BVB fans. In addition to this, the project consists of German courses and integrative evening events organised by BVB fans. The inaugural event, under the direction of BVB assistant coach Arno Michels, took place on the 18th of November at TSC Eintracht Dortmund’s training ground, where there is also a classroom available for teaching German following the weekly training sessions. All participants receive training equipment from Borussia Dortmund on a loan basis. The phrase “refugees welcome” printed on the front of the training tops is an expression of the welcoming culture.

Main Objectives: 

  • To support integration of youth refugees in society
  • To foster health (football trainings) and Education (learning the German language)
  • To create a “welcoming” atmosphere for refugees in Dortmund



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The number of refugees in Germany is permanently growing. This is a challenging situation for most cities. There are currently approx. 3’500 refugees living in Dortmund. We, as a professional football club with an important role model effect in society, are using our popularity and reputation to call everyone’s attention to relevant topics that are important for the community, as well as trying to give impulses for a change. As we are tolerant and liberal minded we do not accept racism, extreme political orientation or an intolerant attitude neither in our community nor in our stadium. In 2015, we invited a lot of refugees to our stadium and donated a big amount of clothes for refugee camps in Dortmund. The next logical step for us after creating a “welcoming situation” in our home city was to think about the integration of young refugees. Therefore, we planned a project that combines football trainings with German language courses.