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In cooperation with its fans, members, friends, sponsors and partners the club collects money-, in kind- and service-donations and distributes them once they are checked and sorted. To this day more than 4’500 “Kumpelkisten” boxes filled with donations and goods arrived at the Schalke grounds. This means that the donations are being transported into our warehouse as well as sorted and processed. The in-kind donation possibilities vary from clothing, toys, electronic goods or furniture to books or school supplies. All donations that somewhat fit into the categories family, school and sports, seniors, weatherproof clothing and seasonal goods such as Christmas gifts are welcome. But the club does not only care about distributing these donations. Numerous club employees and players already got involved and helped sorting and repacking the donations and boxes. The “Kumpelkiste” and Schalke hilft! set their goal to help mostly at regional level, but also nationally and even internationally. Wherever the team of FC Schalke 04 goes, the “Kumpelkiste” goes as well. The institutions that receive help are as complex and multi-layered as the people in distress: retirement homes, children’s food banks, shelters, refugee camps and homes for disabled people.

Main Objectives:

  • To reduce the distress faced by people in need
  • To help quickly and in an unbureaucratic way
  • To give people in need what they require

Sebastian Buntkirchen, Head of CSR & Managing Director of Schalke hilft!
+49 209 361 885 04


Kumpelkiste page (German)
Schalke hilft! page (German)


Helping is a prominent part of our club’s identity. The Schalker people are known to tackle problems and offer a hand to those in need. In summer 2015, the CSR department took it one step further and launched the “Kumpelkiste”, the largest donation in-kind campaign a German football club has ever developed. The main motivation was to collect what is dispensable by some and give it to the ones in need. With a child poverty rate of 21.8%, a 15.6% rate for poverty in old age and the current refugee issue, there are enough people who need our help right away.