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Concerning the education area, we launched the “Hamburger Weg Klassenzimmer”, a project that offers school kids the opportunity to take part in free learning sessions in the Volksparkstadion. Six different modules apart from regular inner-school class-sessions are currently taught with the main aim of increasing children’s interpersonal skills: media literacy, Hamburger SV as an economic factor, Hamburger SV during National Socialism in Germany, Human Dignity, Formation of Groups, “I am strong”. As a result of an increased immigration in 2015, contact with and integration of refugees play an important role in our current CSR activities. Consequently, as part of our social programme, we offer refugees in Hamburg the opportunity to take part in several training sessions. Football unites people from different backgrounds in their passion for sports and therefore offers the chance to integrate refugees by taking part in sports activities under professional instruction. We currently offer four sessions a week for refugees from four different bases in Hamburg and consider this as an important contribution to a desirable welcome culture in our home town. Regarding the sports area, we established a project in which we financially support smaller local clubs in their expenses (maintenance and repair of club facilities and equipment). We selected a few clubs out of the 170 which applied and provided financial aid to the total amount of € 50’000. Thanks to this, various clubs in and around Hamburg were able to realise different projects like building playgrounds around their facilities, buying new equipment for their youth teams or repairing essential parts of their club facilities. Aside from our projects we created a sector inside the south stand upper-tier with approximately 100 seats reserved for certain groups we support within the framework of our foundation and often invite groups of refugees to our home matches.

Main Objectives:

  • To focus on the work with young people in Hamburg through projects covering the three topics of education, social work and sports
  • To inspire and motivate young people to take in hand and give direction to their future
  • To impact values and support Hamburg’s youths wherever it is necessary

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We consider Hamburg’s youths as a basic element for our future. This is why, we decided to promote not only young talents in our own academy, but also young people within Hamburg. Therefore we support individual strength and increase chances of disadvantaged people within our hometown.