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The projects title is “Hannover ist bunt“. We organised this project to welcome refugees and to point out the club’s position against racism and discrimination. Various supporters groups, initiatives and club departments take place in this project. We invited over 3’000 refugees to join one of our home games. At this game our players came to the pitch with a banner showing “Hannover ist bunt”. Many supporters welcomed the refugees around and in the stadium and invited them to their stands.

Main Objectives:

  • To fight racism and discrimination and support integration
  • To understand and help refugees and try to make Germany their new home
  • To collect donations for projects against xenophobia on match day

Mirko Woitschig, CSR & Marketing Director
+49 511 96 900 156


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Because of the refugee crisis, last year many thousands of people reached German cities. Along with the crisis, many different problems arose in the city. Because of this, Hannover 96 decided to launch the project “Hannover ist bunt” (Hannover is colourful, people of different colours and cultures are welcome). With this project, we want to increase the understanding for refugees and show that communal life can go well without racism. Furthermore, we want to help refugees to better integrate. In addition, the project perfectly fits into our club strategy, because even the first team consists of players from many different nationalities.