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For the past three years WERDER BEWEGT – LEBENSLANG has cooperated with partners from the psychosocial and therapeutic refugee aid. Within this cooperation, a number of training and recreational programmes for people who have experienced flight have started. One of these programmes is called “Bleib am Ball”, which is based on the “SPIELRAUM” programme. Due to the ever growing number of refugees who come to Bremen, SV Werder Bremen has set itself the task of integrating young refugees into sport clubs and to give them a kind of guidance. WERDER BEWEGT – LEBENSLANG has achieved to convey around 15 kids to sport clubs so far. Approximately 100 children aged 8 to 18 with flight background are set up in six training programmes where they are really thriving while playing football. Kids who were initially shy and reserved, acquire step by step the new language, develop self-confidence and personality. SPIELRAUM affords them safe space where they are accepted. Additionally, the kids take part in a couple of tournaments. The training sessions are guided by SV Werder Bremen coaches with flight background. Due to the fact that coaches and players have the same region of origin, language barriers can be overcome. The coaches try to talk as much German as they can to support them in learning a new language. Some of the coaches have achieved their trainer license. The project’s success can be very well represented in the history of the coaches. All came to Germany as refugees. The project has helped them to find their way in Germany. They could gain experience via internships and take part in educations for coaches.

Main Objectives:

  • To integrate refugees into sport clubs
  • To use sport as a type of therapy related to “Refugio”
  • To develop and start recreational programmes for refugees

Michael Arends, Project Coordinator
+49 421 434 590


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Due to the refugee crisis, thousands of refugees have arrived in Bremen affected by mental stress as a result of flight. Their everyday life is characterised by spatial and social isolation. Due to communication difficulties, limited financial opportunities and a lack of information, refugees hardly have access to cultural, educational and support offers. Therefore WERDER BEWEGT – LEBENSLANG implemented the programme in cooperation with “Refugio eV”, a consulting and treatment centre for refugees and victims of torture.