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Since 1997 Inter Campus formalises long-term and flexible cooperation agreements with reliable partners around the world supporting their social programmes in favour of children by adding the sport activity as an educational tool. Moreover, Inter Campus provides adults technical formation, devolves children their Right to Play and fosters the development of communities. Nowadays Inter Campus works in 29 countries and involves 10’000 needy children (boys and girls) from 6 to 13 years old, around 200 local educators and volunteers. The implementation process can be summarised in the following phases: selection of local partners and feasibility study; official jersey delivery and technical clinics; constant communication with local partner; involvement of the Community and other partners; focus on education and side activities; media promotion and storytelling; monitoring and checks visits. As an example, since 2000, Inter Campus is committed in giving its own contribution in the area of Israel and Palestine, working with several organisations for peace on the two conflicting sides. Due to war and changes in international politics, initiatives fluctuated until a renewed programme was set up in 2013. With the new partner GHETTON Onlus, Inter Campus created a stable sports and educational programme with fun and pedagogical activities for children of different cultures or religions and technical formation for local instructors of various communities. Today, more than 100 children are involved permanently hailing from many locations: an Israeli town, an Arab-Israeli village, an Arab-Palestinian village, East Jerusalem, joint with the children of worldwide immigrants living in the south of Tel-Aviv.

Main Objectives: 

  • To support the social-racial- religious equality worldwide with specific focus on children’s right to play
  • To form local educators through technical clinics
  • To support needy communities through local NGOs

Carlotta Moratti, President of Inter Futura
+39 02 77 151


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The Club wanted to express its own unique DNA and belief in brotherhood: being a powerful brand, Inter felt the responsibility to help those in need.