Reintegration of Child Soldiers in Mali and Central African Republic

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The aim of the project both in Mali and in the Central African Republic is to contribute to the reconstruction of the social environment. At present, the beneficiaries are 148 young men and women (12-17 years old) victims of the violence generated by the crisis. By participating in the programme the children have an opportunity to regain an understanding of fundamental values, become independent and have more employment possibilities through cultural, technical and sport training. In the Central African Republic 83 male and 17 female child soldiers have been reintegrated in society, thanks to the five-week educational programmes and literacy classes launched by the Ecole des Métiers d’Art. The programmes have equipped them with the necessary skills to support their reintegration. In Mali, 65 children boys and girls aged 12 to 17 follow the rehabilitation programme. Three training centres are operational in Gao, Tombouctou and Bamako with material, educational equipment, and personnel. Further, technical training activities such as tailoring, woodwork, painting and mechanics are also on-going. The programme also provides children with one meal per day as well as aid to families whose children have been reinserted in the normal educational cycle. Cultural and sport activities include music and football. Psychological support activities have been carried out in Bamako and Tombouctou whilst they are still on-going in Gao. All activities focus on the culture of peace.

Main Objectives:

  • To provide a psychosocial support system for former child soldiers as therapeutic and psychological treatments to facilitate their social rehabilitation and reintegration
  • To support child soldiers in building confidence by providing access to literacy programmes, training in employable trades and participation in cultural, sporting and artistic activities
  • To assist in the efforts made to restore peace by providing assistance to victims of war and crisis through educational and sport activities

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Juventus has been actively engaged in various sustainability initiatives also with specific programmes aimed at fostering integration and fighting discrimination. Aware that sport plays an important role in supporting the inclusion in all spheres of society of young women and men, as well as of the most vulnerable groups, Juventus and UNESCO joined efforts for the project aimed at the reintegration of child soldiers in Mali and the Central African Republic (RCA). The project promotes sport and educational activities for youth as powerful tools for social inclusion and non-violence in conflict environments in order to create a sense of community and togetherness.