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The project, which was set up and introduced to the Legia Foundation after a thorough review of the Foundation goals, resources, as well as a mapping of partners, was launched in September 2015. The scope of the project includes over 10 various sub-projects and events yearly, all directed towards the project goals. The key activities performed so far, reaching 400 beneficiaries are the following:

  • Kids Cinema Festival – valuable movies for children from all backgrounds
  • Rowing Marathon – over 2’300 km rowed on ergometers located at the Legia Stadium in 24 hours by hundreds of people of good will. The money raised was used to support people with disabilities
  • Saint Nicholas Day’s celebratinos with many children from disadvantaged families invited
  • Christmas visits to Child Daily Support Centres
  • Noble box – participation in the creation by Club employees and other Warsaw inhabitants of special boxes for families in need in the Warsaw region
  • Organising winter holidays for underprivileged children
  • Funding of additional classes to prepare high school graduates from underprivileged families to their final exams in mathematics and Polish
  • Renovation of a local daily support centre

Main Objectives:

  • To create equal opportunities for families and children from diverse backgrounds and various deficiencies
  • To create a community around the club that is aware and ready to help each other. To give help and at the same time show the beneficiaries how valuable they are to others
  • To engage volunteers, sponsors and other stakeholders in charitable activities. To inspire people who haven’t engaged much in social projects earlier

Anna Mioduska, Chairwoman of the Foundation
+48 22 318 20 00

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The “Let’s create a better city together” project is an umbrella project for a number of activities. The Legia Foundation decided to launch this initiative because we could see how much positive energy and willingness to act there is within our community and at the same time how much need for help and support there is in Warsaw and its surroundings. We also believe that the strong, socially aware, mutually helping and developed Warsaw community which we are creating will then inspire and help other places around Poland. We finally believe that love and passion for sports always unites more than it divides. All of this fits perfectly in the club’s strategy.