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The project Stars for Children started over 7 years ago, when the club was playing in second division. The main idea was to organise a football tournament where our first team and various teams consisting of famous people were participating, at first in the stadium and later on the main square of Trenčín. In the morning, there is always U-8 category football tournament. The winner of this tournament wins the opportunity to play against the team composed of famous people. This is followed by a football tournament whose teams are made of famous people and athletes, such as national team football players, national team ice hockey players and big stars of NHL, AS Trenčín first team and a team made of famous artists, Olympic athletes and former famous athletes. Last year, we also linked this event with the “festival of sports”, which gave the opportunity to people and children to see and try various sports such as handball, basketball, aikido and various water sports. There are also many attractions and zones for the kids available. In the first years, we were able to raise € 7’000 for the event. Now, we manage to raise about € 20’000. Overall, we managed to donate more than € 100’000. The funds raised are distributed personally by our first team players during whole season, through individual events.

Main Objectives:

  • To bring kids and famous people together
  • To raise funds
  • To create social awareness

Petra Drabova, Event Manager
+42 190 454 8822

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We always felt socially responsible for the people in our region and especially for children. This looked like a great opportunity to bring kids and famous people together. Firstly, we wanted kids to follow their dreams and idols and the best way to do so was for them to meet personally. Secondly, we knew that it was also about looking for some resources for them as they often are in a difficult financial situation. Therefore, every year we donate the whole profit from the event to various organisations and people that need it.