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The main objective is to try to develop the right personal and social values (e.g. commitment, effort, respect for teammates, opponents and referees, feelings of solidarity within the group, punctuality, hygiene) through football activities. Our “Bakuva project teams”, formed by immigrants in serious danger of being socially excluded, have explicit rules of conduct which attempt to induce these values in the children and in their parents. The Athletic Club Foundation is committed to the education and the formation of social values through sport, through the use of the facilities at Athletic Club, and through the volunteering work of the technical staff and the professional players. As of this season, we will have a new group of about 20 U18 children. Our four teams are competing in U18, U16, U13, U10, U9 categories. There are 102 players in total, with about 20 players per team. All teams use the Athletic Club facilities of the Academy, located in the nearby town of Lezama.

Main Objectives: 

  • To provide an integral education process (personal and social cohesion development) for all the children in the neighborhood by instilling what we term “AC values”
  • To induce the participation of the Athletic Club staff (professional players, technical and managerial staff) in all the activities of the project
  • To make it sustainable over time and long lasting

Ricardo Mendiguren, Director of the Foundation
+34 94 661 20 04

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Bilbao is the tenth largest city in Spain with a population of 354’000. The Greater Bilbao area has a population of nearly 900’000, making it Spain’s fifth most populated urban area. “Bilbao La Vieja” is a neighbourhood of Bilbao, whose development was closely linked to the Miribilla mines. This is where, traditionally, the miners lived. The neighbourhood is now home to a growing immigrant population, which is exposed to a risk of social exclusion and in much need of proper socio-economic integration. The Athletic Club Foundation is working on the integration of this population through Bakuva CSR and football.