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Start to Run is a training programme that focuses on both starting runners and already advanced runners. This popular training programme has already enabled thousands of people to start running and get in shape. Since 2010, the Club Brugge Foundation organises an annual Start to Run training session for its supporters and local residents. With the Start to Run programme and the running coaches of Club Brugge Foundation anyone can easily run 5 km after a mere 10 weeks training. In the area of the Jan Breydel stadium (homeground of Club Brugge), the Club Brugge Foundation has implemented a running parcours around the training pitches and buildings of the training site. We also include participants from another Foundation project ‘Homeless Team’, a football team that helps homeless people. The coaches of the Homeless Team are also running coaches that help break down the threshold.

Main Objectives:

  • To increase physical activities with fans and neighbourhood
  • To tackle overweight and obesity by promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • To include people from different social backgrounds into one team

Peter Gheysen, Community Coordinator
+32 50 402 133


Club Brugge Foundation


According to the latest national health survey, results show that 50% of the adults in Belgium suffer from overweight and 14% suffer from obesity. In addition, there is a clear link between the educational level and weight problems: people with the lowest educational levels (no degree/low degree) are 1.9 times more likely to become obese (BMI ≥ 30) than people with a higher degree. Social disadvantaged people also experience a bigger obstacle in ‘Sport participation’. Besides the high membership fee, the guidance that this group of people needs cannot always be provided by a regular sports club.