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The history of “Viktoriánské srdce” began in 2012, at the occasion of the club’s European campaign in that season. The financial support to the project was provided not only by the club itself, but also by the players, partners, and (through voluntary contributions) even the fans of Viktoria. Both matches with Club Atlético de Madrid were linked with the Surgical Clinic of the University College Hospital in Pilsen, the duels with the Portuguese team Académica de Coimbra helped the Senior Home in Vejprnice, and the doubt match with Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC generated the funding necessary for the treatment of David Bakala, a long-time bedridden fan of Viktoria Plzeń. In the fourth part of the project, FC Viktoria Plzeń decided to support Centrum Hájek day care centre, thus providing the best possible care for children suffering from various mental and physical disorders through he matches with SCC Napoli and Fenerbahce SK. Each of the four parts of the project was championed by one of the players. FC Viktoria Plzeń, encouraged by the huge amount of funding generated and the enthusiastic public response, decided to continue running this successful project also in the following years. The club became a longterm supporter of Domino orphanage, the players registered with the Czech National Marrow Donors Registry, they helped and keep helping the charity organisations that gradually join the project. Viktoria created particularly strong ties with the University College Hospital in Pilsen. The club has provided financial and material help for example to the Children’s Department of the Surgical Clinic, the Geriatric Department or the Urology Department of this largest hospital in West Bohemia. One of the most remarkable activities of the “Viktoriánské srdce” project was the publication of the official 2016 wall calendar of Viktoria Plzeń, which depicts the players of the A-team in unusual roles and environments, with each month of the calendar dedicated to one of the cooperating organisations. The wall calendar was accepted as the symbol of the entire project of the “Victorian Heart” with enthusiasm not only by the football public, selling over 2’000 copies. The report of the charity calendar issue was published by the vast majority of Czech media, not only from the area of sports. Viktoria honoured its charity focus when marketing the calendar, donating a fifth of the profit from the sale of “Viktoriánské srdce” to charity.

Main Objectives:

  • Viktoria believes that the successful should help those who were less fortunate in their lives
  • To be as active as possible in the region

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FC Viktoria Plzeń has become an integral part of the everyday life of the citizens of Pilsen and the entire Pilsen region. Football is the most popular sport in the Czech Republic, its West Bohemia part being no exception. This is one of the reasons why Viktoria believes that the successful should help those who are less fortunate in their lives. Therefore, FC Viktoria Plzeń gets involved in regular charity activities. This is mostly done through the “Viktoriánské srdce” (Victoria Heart) project, which has provided funds for the benefit of its partner organisations during the time of its existence.