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The Vitesse Hattrick programme started in 2015, including three underlying projects: the Hattrick School (6 – 12 year olds), Hattrick League (13 – 16 year olds) and Hattrick Academy (17 – 21 year olds). All the activities are executed in five poor neighbourhoods of Arnhem. Every neighbourhood delivers the same activities in their community. The Hattrick School is a football school. Every week the participants get a football training given by a role-model (from the Hattrick Academy) of their neighbourhood. The role-model/coach is educated by the Dutch FA and Vitesse Academy coaches. On a rotation basis, every neighbourhood organises a tournament for the other neighbourhoods. During the activities the participants learn about healthy lifestyle and respect. The Hattrick League is a neighbourhood competition. Every month there is a tournament. The teams train every week and are coached by role-models (from the Academy) and youth workers. During every cycle the teams have to organise two neighbourhood contributions (e.g. fundraising for the local food bank, activities at a local retirement house). Because of the social component the best football teams will not necessarily win the Hattrick League. The Hattrick Academy is there for the oldest age group. Every week the participants get a futsal training and after these trainings they get an educational session. These sessions focus on employee skills. We aim to educate the participants to becoming role models in their neighbourhoods and include them in activities of the Hattrick School and League. Hattrick has 420 structural participants each year. We trained 30 participants of the Academy as role-model/coach.

Main Objectives:

  • To guide 30% of the non-sporting towards a sports club
  • To improve the quality of life in the neighbourhoods of Arnhem
  • To encourage participants to study or work

Martijn de Wild, CSR Manager
+31 634009189


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The Vitesse foundation is responsive to local needs. We noticed a need for structural and structured sporting activities in five poor neighbourhoods of Arnhem. That is why we founded the Vitesse Hattrick programme. Vitesse takes responsibility for social issues in the city. We aim at improving the quality of life, increasing sport participation and encouraging participants to study or work for the inhabitants of Arnhem, and especially for the residents which are in need. All these focus areas are included in this programme.