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FutbolNet is a social-intervention programme which uses football as an educational tool for the transmission of values and healthy habits to children and young people. It promotes the transmission of values and broadens the offer of out-of-school safe spaces for recreation and leisure. FutbolNet promotes sport and physical activity, albeit placing prominent emphasis on the educational role of sport as part of the personal development process. The Maré Vila Olimpica is located in the Maré Community, in the northeast of Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the largest communities in Rio and it has over 150’000 inhabitants according to the 2010 census. Vila Olimpica opened in 1999 and it was the first in the country. Since 2009, it has been part of
the Vilas Olimpicas network in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It currently has over 4’000 boys, girls and teenagers taking part in their activities spread over more than 20 different sports. The FutbolNet project in Maré began in 2012. The project can be replicated to all the Olympic Villages in Rio de Janeiro and can be implemented just like in Maré. Furthermore, FutbolNet uses a methodology that prevents aggressive behaviour, something highly necessary in all communities in Rio de Janeiro.

Main Objectives: 

  • To work on values associated to sport in order to promote behavioural changes and transmit healthy values to children and teenagers
  • To promote gender equality and spaces for meetings, dialogue and exchange to encourage cohesion and social inclusion
  • To offer an empowering experience to children and teenagers

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Brazil is a strategic country for FC Barcelona. Some of the most important players in its history come from this Latin American country. That is why the FC Barcelona Foundation agreed to join an alliance led by the Inter-American Development Bank. This alliance aims to provide social initiatives in various favelas of Rio de Janeiro and to promote sustainable human development in disadvantaged communities. The FC Barcelona Foundation participates in the alliance by implementing the FutbolNet project, which focuses on the children of the Maré community.