Football Supporters in their Cities


Soziales Fanarbeit / Sicherheit

Bewährte Verfahren

German football fans, active within their own football supporter associations, are to be invited to Polish host cities to share their own experiences and demonstrate how relations between the two parties – fan associations and city authorities – are conducted in Germany. Furthermore, the organisation Football Supporters Europe will demonstrate how the two parties can work together to form fans’ embassies for the duration of the tournament in 2012.


Ministry of Sport and Tourism Poland contact page


Football Supporters Europe home page
German Fan Project – Koordinationsstelle Fanprojekte (KOS) – home page


The project is being organised by PL.2012, the state-owned company owned by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism responsible for coordinating the preparations for the UEFA EURO 2012™ tournament. In an effort to solve problems connected with the acts of fans, the aim of the project is to organise structures that facilitate communication between football supporters associations and representatives of city authorities in Poland, in anticipation of the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament and beyond.