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In 2008, the Fan Embassy in Geneva was hugely successful, counting many visits from fans, and setting the standard for future Fan Embassies, according to one Swiss organiser. Possible reasons for Geneva’s success included its location at a very central place that was on the route than many fans took, and its better visibility, having been integrated into an adapted truck. Another positive factor might have been the FEs positioning next to the “Street Kick Tour”, where fans were encouraged to form teams and play against one another in a celebration of diversity.


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First introduces as a concept at for the UEFA EURO 1992 tournament, Fan Embassies (FEs) have been present at every major football tournament ever since. Organised by Football Supporters Europe, in cooperation with FARE, the project aimed to support fans in the final rounds of the Tournament in each of the host cities by providing advice related to the tournament and to contribute towards a peaceful atmosphere.