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Soziales Diversität VfL Wolfsburg

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Whether blind soccer, integration tournaments, training sessions for people with disabilities, or workshops on different forms of discrimination. The VfL Diversity Weeks are all about showing diversity - on and off the pitch. Together with the fan project of the city of Wolfsburg and many partner institutions, VfL has initiated the VfL Diversity Weeks since the 2014/15 season. During the project weeks, VfL brings people of different backgrounds and abilities together, creates encounters and participation, and thus sends a clear signal against discrimination. The project days also provide new sports experiences through partly still unknown inclusive sports such as e-soccer (soccer in electric wheelchairs) and thus increase their awareness.

Main Objectives:

  • To bring people of different backgrounds and abilities together
  • To set a sign against discrimination
  • To make new sports experiences through partly unknown inclusive sports and to increase their awareness



Nico Briskorn, Head of CSR
+49 5361 8903 450



VfL Wolfsburg has been embracing social responsibility for many years, at all levels. Awareness of sustainable issues is strongly promoted at the club and is deeply embodied at VfL. The club is committed to inclusion and integration, champions diversity, and is dedicated to anti-discrimination and anti-racism. Political education and promoting physical activity among children and young people are also close to its heart. VfL Wolfsburg bundles its social commitment under the "Wir für morgen" initiative.