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Leitung / Führung Organisatorische Struktur FC St. Pauli

Bewährte Verfahren

Based on the results of this congress, a working group developed a draft proposal for the fundamental principles of the club. This was passed by the supreme body of the club, with binding effect. These Guiding Principles amount to a Supporters Charter, and they will be an integral part of contracts and agreements in future and will serve as a reference for members, staff, fans and honorary officers.


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The Guiding Principles of FC St. Pauli


In 2009, the AGM of St. Pauli FC passed, by an overwhelming majority, a set of Fundamental Principles (Leitlinien) as the first licensed club in Germany to do so. More than 200 people had attended the first St. Pauli Congress, where they spent a weekend debating intensively and at length about various themes that are important to club members, staff, fans and honorary officers.