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It has been demonstrated that science-led and dialogue-based solutions are an effective way forward for approaches to crowd management. The aim of ENABLE is to build on these previous research and theory-led interventions to create and sustain a climate of evidence gathering and analysis within Sweden. It is the project’s intention that the research it develops will flow directly into solutions focused upon democratic forms of policing that promote human rights and revolve around security measures oriented towards the facilitation of visitors’ preferences about what constitutes a pleasant and entertaining match experience. At the same time the project will examine ways of developing adequate safety and security measures that protect fans from situations that actively threaten them. ENABLE invites experts, performs field studies on the ground on match days, engages involved stakeholders in workshops, produces evidence-based reports with advices and organises conferences among many other activities. The work is organised in five different work programmes: project management, supporter culture and involvement, policing and stewarding, partnership and sustainability and dissemination with activities connected to each work programme. All 32 Swedish elite football clubs have joined the project.

Main Objectives:

  • To actively identify and communicate good practice
  • To lead Swedish football towards evidence-based solutions
  • To enable the development of future policy and practice

Filip Lundberg, Sustainability Manager & Project Co-lead ENABLE
+46 76 026 3671

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ENABLE was conceptualised in early 2014, only a few months after the tragic death of a Djurgården supporter who died as a consequence of a violent incident between opposing fans just before the opening match of the Allsvenskan season in Helsingborg. The death highlighted the fact the Sweden has significant safety and security issues that must be confronted and underlined that various stakeholders have a responsibility to act on the issue of football-related disorder. In the circumstances of such high profile incidents there is a real danger that the pressure to respond can create heavy-handed security responses that are ultimately counterproductive. It is therefore critically important to create evidence- led approaches if the issues are to be identified and confronted. ENABLE is a project that has been designed to meet this requirement.