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The project was unique in its approach of fundraising at a major sporting event. It developed a successful communication strategy that gave fans a clear idea of what funds were being raised for and why they were needed. An advertising agency was engaged to design publicity materials, which included a 30-second video clip shown on TV in various countries, on websites and at the tournament stadiums. These materials made a clear link between the tournament and fundraising for landmine victims in Afghanistan: a humanitarian message (ICRC) in football language (UEFA).


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An Evaluation of the UEFA EURO 2008 Social Responsibility Projects (short version)


Fans of each of the teams participating in the Tournament were invited to raise money for landmine victims in Afghanistan (50%) and the National Societies of the Red Cross (NSRC) (50%) by donating money to buy virtual goals (one goal cost 1Euro) for their country. The country with the most ‘goals’ at the end of the tournament would be crowned the Most Humanitarian Team at EURO 2008.