Unite Against Racism


Soziales Diversität

Bewährte Verfahren

This campaign demonstrated that – in order to deliver an awareness campaign at a major event, where much of the attention is on the football matches – it is important to engage with the media. This was done by FARE and UEFA by encouraging high-profile current and former players, and other popular VIPs in football and politics, to demonstrate their support of the campaign’s message at press conferences and other media events.


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An Evaluation of the UEFA EURO 2008 Social Responsibility Projects (short version)
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Unite Against Racism is a long-standing awareness campaign run by FARE, with UEFA. During the UEFA EURO 2008 tournament, the campaign took the form of a number of activities and events aimed to spread the message of combating racism, discrimination and intolerance. This campaign was targeted at society-at-large, fans in general and specifically those living in countries where serious racist, xenophobic, and far-right incidents are witnessed.