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This programme consists of unilateral lessons – held twice a week, in which children from a community share their thoughts, concerns and preconceived notions with one another about meeting children from the neighbouring community – and bilateral lessons – held every 3-4 weeks, where children from neighbouring communities come together and play with each other in mixed teams. The teams learn from a curriculum, which uses football games taught by a professional coach to meet the project’s sensitisation targets. The project is structured so that the children’s friendships are nurtured over the year. In their first meeting they get to know each other and, towards their last, parents are encouraged to get involved and different customs are celebrated.


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Mifalot’ “Sheikh Danon-Gvanim” Mixed TeamFormer Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, congratulates the activities of Mifalot


Mifalot Chinuch was founded by Hapoel Tel Aviv’s owners in 1997 and leverages the platform provided by the club to promote its 300 plus programmes in fields such as “special needs, youth at risk, community empowerment, youth leadership, promoting participation of girls, motor skills development, language skills via football and post-trauma via football.” Mifalot’s ‘Know Your Neighbor’ education programme began in 2004 and is based on the opinion that Jewish and Arab children often live in close proximity but rarely meet and get to know the each other. It consists of a series of extra-curricular activities and lessons that take place over the school year designed to prepare 6-14 year old children to meet and interact with others from neighbouring communities.