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Soziales Diversität Eingliederung Chelsea F.C.

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The project has been running for three seasons, while the Building Bridges campaign has been in existence since 2010. Our work includes the ground- breaking Asian Star initiative and the Chelsea Foundation’s equality and diversity workshops. This year the club has also formed our first LGBT fan group, supported International Women’s Day and hosted the Kick It Out fundraising dinner. Through the Building Bridges initiative and working alongside equality organisations, we are wholly committed to providing a range of activities highlighting the dangers and impact of discriminatory behaviour including the Game for Equality.

Main Objectives:

  • To tackle discrimination in all forms
  • To educate via a range of activities highlighting the dangers and impact of discriminatory behaviours
  • To celebrate the good work being done by the club, our staff and supporters

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Our Game for Equality and year-long equality work celebrates the club’s diversity and inclusion work. For the past two seasons we have joined forces with a number of specialised organisations. We did so again for the visit of Stoke City during the 2015/16 season. We underline our commitment to tackling discrimination in all forms, while promoting equality throughout the club, our communities and our supporters. The Game for Equality falls under our Building Bridges campaign and the rst team will be wearing the logo on their kit during the match against Stoke City. The match is a celebration of the club’s on-going diversity and inclusion work.