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Local embedding - WorldCoaches are never trained solely by the KNVB: training always occurs in close collaboration with a local partner. Whether through an NGO, municipality, a commercial party or local football association, WorldCoaches training courses are always requested by the country itself. In fact: the KNVB is keen to eventually make itself redundant. The most talented WorldCoaches are therefore trained to become instructors: they can then themselves train more WorldCoaches in the area. This results in a sustainable model with local continuity.Footbal skills and life skills - Football is all about rules, technique and tactics. Also essential, however, are respect, teamwork and making choices. All ingredients that can be applied off field too. Life Skills basically. WorldCoaches often work with young children in developing countries. Children who have not always had an easy life. A WorldCoach is a role model and confidant to these children. The coach does not only teach them to play football, but also motivates them to finish their homework and be on time.


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Football provides fun and direction to children with few or no prospects. This is especially important in developing countries. But to become a good footballer you need a good coach. Every player, wherever in the world, deserves such a good coach. So the KNVB trains WorldCoaches in developing countries. Every footballer, across the world, deserves a good coach.The KNVB’s WorldCoaches programme trains football coaches. Coaches who are not only good football trainers, but also know everything about local problems and opportunities, thus strengthening the community. Coaches passionate about using football for social development. Role models – on and off the field.

In 1997, the KNVB started the Coach-the-Coach programme, forerunner of WorldCoaches. Since the start of WorldCoaches in 2009, the KNVB has trained over 3.000 coaches in more than fifteen countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. WorldCoaches teach in a wide variety of places: in schools and football clubs, as well as slums and deprived neighbourhoods. From gym teachers to former professional footballers, male or female: virtually anyone can become a WorldCoach.